Book jokes and humor

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My teacher says our schoolbooks are a magic carpet that will take us all over the world.
I took mine to the garage and had them fitted with seat belts.

All of my schoolbooks have pictures in them,
even if I have to draw them myself.

My teacher caught me drawing in my American Revolution textbook.
She said, “What do you think you’re doing?”
I said, “Making my mark in history.”

One of my teachers said that I should hand in my books at the end of the year better than when I got them.
What does he want me to do, add pages?

My teacher told us that books are man’s best friend,
so my dog bit him.

My teacher says we should treat our schoolbooks just like we treat one another.
So after school, I picked a fight with my History book.

MOTHER: How come you never bring any books home?
SON: Mom, they’re schoolbooks, not home books.

SON: Dad, my teacher says I should have an encyclopedia.
FATHER: Nonsense, you’ll walk to school the same as I did.

The only thing I hate worse than carrying a lot of schoolbooks home
is having to open them once I get there.

If the Good Lord wanted us to bring schoolbooks home from school,
He would have put wheels on them.