Classmates jokes and humor

Page 123

I know one kid who has to bring her parents to school so often,
they have a better attendance record than she has.

I knew one kid who was always being kept after school.
When they finally let him go home, he forgot where he lived.

One buddy of mine was always being kept after school.
He spent so much time at school, they delivered his mail there.

One kid in class drew a picture of our teacher on the blackboard.
It got her in serious trouble because it looked just like him.

I had one classmate who was always in trouble. He got one day when he didn’t have to stay after school. He went to his house and said, “Mom and Dad, I’m home.”
They said, “That’s nice, but who are you?”

One buddy of mine was always being kept after school.
The only thing he ever learned in school was how to lock up when he left.

One buddy of mine was kept after school so often,
when his family moved to a new town, it took him three months to find out.

One of my buddies has been kept after school so much,
the only time he sees the outside world is during fire drills.

I know a kid who’s always in trouble at school. He may not graduate;
he may just be paroled.

I have a classmate who’s in so much trouble at school,
he made the PTA’s “Ten Most Wanted” list.