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G.I. Joes in Battle:
Volley of the dolls. – Joseph Leff

Genetic Clothing Designer:
Calvin Clone. – Joseph Leff

Genetic Disease:
Heir pollution. – Joseph Leff

Genetic Engineering:
Creating designer genes. – Joseph Leff

What Eugene does at the office. – Joseph Leff

(1) A small island for men only.
(2) Where the groom and best man walk. – Joseph Leff

(1) Where the groom and best man walk.  
(2) A small island for men only. – Joseph Leff

Genuine Wildebeest:
Gnu’s real. – Joseph Leff

Fissure man. – Joseph Leff

George Burns:
Whenever someone insults Gracie. – Joseph Leff

German Shepherd:
Bo Peep’s da, Hans. – Joseph Leff

Small residents of Berlin. – Joseph Leff

Recently finished a meal. – Joseph Leff

Get About:
Success for a fight promoter. – Joseph Leff

Get Across:
Indicates a conversion to Christianity. – Joseph Leff

Get In Formation:
Gather data. – Joseph Leff

Get on Board:
Surf. – Joseph Leff

Not gal, Ma’am. – Joseph Leff

Relatives of a Gher

A shadow of its former self.

Ghost Story:
Haunted attic. – Joseph Leff

Ghost Writer
A spooksman.

The highest form of animal life.

(1) A device used to keep an unfortunate condition from spreading.
(2) Proof that figures can lie.
(3) A waist basket. – Joseph Leff

Give a Wide Berth:
Have a large baby. – Joseph Leff

How a monster felt after lunch

Glider Pilot:
A soar head. – Joseph Leff

Give me the paste. – Joseph Leff

Turn into Gloria. – Joseph Leff

Go Before:
Golf in the Mongolian desert. – Joseph Leff

Go For:
Proceed to play golf. – Joseph Leff

Go to Sea:
Travel to observe. – Joseph Leff

Instruction on a math test. – Joseph Leff

Goal Mouth
Someone shouting from behind the nets

Encourage Alan. – Joseph Leff

An animal that has the bad habit of butting in.

Gobi and Sahara:
Just deserts. – Joseph Leff

A small turkey

Going Around in Circles
Orbiting. – Joseph Leff

Gold Mine:
Whose gold is it? – Joseph Leff

Gold Soup
Soup made with 14 carrots

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G – Pages 1234