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A believer in using the hoe. – Joseph Leff

Hold Forth:
To remain behind third place. – Joseph Leff

Hold Hands:
(1) Play cards.
(2) A crew. – Joseph Leff

Hold In:
A pitted saloon. – Joseph Leff

Hold On:
All of Donald, not just part of him. – Joseph Leff

Hold Up:
The keep is awake. – Joseph Leff

Hole In One:
Reason to discard a pair of socks. – Joseph Leff

The time when you find out where not to go next year

I was shot up worse than you were. – Joseph Leff

Holy City:
100% urban. – Joseph Leff

Holy Cross:
Totally upset. – Joseph Leff

Holy Mackerel:
A religious fish. – Joseph Leff

Holy Man:
A genetically pure human. – Joseph Leff

Holy Smoke!:
The church is on fire! – Joseph Leff

Home on the Range
The teapot’s favorite song.

Home Sick
Fed up with being at home in the summer holidays

Homes Buzzing With Activity:
Hives. – Joseph Leff

What Mum does. – Joseph Leff

An unknown number. Example: Hominy times do I have to tell you to cut that out!

Honest Husband:
True to wife. – Joseph Leff

Fear of getting caught

(1) What bees use to style their hair
(2) Sweetheart, fix your hair. – Joseph Leff

A factory training manual. – Joseph Leff

What Robin Hood did to Maid Marian

Hoop Skirt:
Worn by a basketball cheerleader. – Joseph Leff

Hoot Owl
Bird that doesn’t care about anything

What you get if you cross a goat with an owl.

Hope Brought to G.I.s:
What made the USO famous. – Joseph Leff

Hops In:
The beer’s here. – Joseph Leff

Sword dance in bare feet

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H – Pages 123456