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Horn of Plenty:
The sound of rush-hour traffic. – Joseph Leff

A small bugle. – Joseph Leff

A starboard. – Joseph Leff

Hors D’Combat:
A cavalry animal. – Joseph Leff

Horse and buggy
Description of an odd person who has laryngitis.

Horse Doctor:
A physician with a sore throat. – Joseph Leff

Horse sense
(1) A quality found most often in persons with a stable mind.
(2) Barn odors. – Joseph Leff

(1) A six-legged animal. It has forelegs in front and two legs behind.
(2) An animal that cannot say yes, only nay

Return of laryngitis. – Joseph Leff

A command to Pegasus. – Joseph Leff

The bunny has laryngitis. – Joseph Leff

(1) What helps keep a horse from falling apart.
(2) What a cowboy goes to seek. – Joseph Leff

Horses at a Hotel:
They use the bridle suite. – Joseph Leff

Horse’s Halter:
Whoa! – Joseph Leff

Neigh sayers. – Joseph Leff

Places where people who are run down wind up

Hot Air:
An angry son during the reading of the will. – Joseph Leff

Hot chocolate
Stolen candy.

Hot Dog:
A canine that, during the summer, wears a fur coat and pants. – Joseph Leff

(1) A place where you pay good dollars for poor quarters.
(2) A suite spot. – Joseph Leff

Signifies strong steel. – Joseph Leff

The electricity and plumbing don’t work. – Joseph Leff

The question to ask about your female parent’s health,

What a choirmaster teaches. – Joseph Leff

How a Karate Expert Breaks Lights:
A lamp chop. – Joseph Leff

How to Cure Kleptomania:
Take something for it. – Joseph Leff

A roundabout way of expressing affection

Energy gone to waist. – Joseph Leff

Hula dancer
A shake in the grass.

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H – Pages 123456