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The science of preparing mulligan, goulash and chowder. – Joseph Leff

Stick Figure:
One yard. – Joseph Leff

Sticky Wicket
What bees leave after a cricket match

Stiff Joint:
A cadaver’s knee. – Joseph Leff

Sting of Conscience:
Shows how strong the mind can bee. – Joseph Leff

What bees do to Raymond. – Joseph Leff

Stingy Person
A person who won’t even tip his hat.

Mad chef’s symptom.

Agitate. – Joseph Leff

Stock Exchange
A place where you trade in your old cattle.

Stockholm Award Speeches:
Nobel gases. – Joseph Leff

Stocking Merchandise:
Toys. – Joseph Leff

To prevent a girl or woman from doing what she wants. Example – She was only a bottlemaker’s daughter, but nothing could stopper

Indicates an angry shopper. – Joseph Leff

Store of Knowledge:
Where you can buy books. – Joseph Leff

Story That Stops a Runaway Horse:
A tale of whoa. – Joseph Leff

Stout Fellow:
A bloke who likes dark beer. – Joseph Leff

Where a car goes when the steering wheel is broken. – Joseph Leff

Considering Gibraltar and Bering. – Joseph Leff

Strict Censor:
A nope addict. – Joseph Leff

Strike Camp:
Home for labor revolutionaries. – Joseph Leff

Striking Personality
A prize fighter.

String Collectors:
Have-knots. – Joseph Leff

String Quartet
See Rubber Band

Strong Democracy:
Reignproof. – Joseph Leff

Strong Suit:
Armour. – Joseph Leff

Strong Wind:
A sails force. – Joseph Leff

Stuart isn’t rich. – Joseph Leff

A roster of pigs. – Joseph Leff

Piece of wood in Hades. – Joseph Leff

Subject Matter:
Comprises a vassal. – Joseph Leff

Subordinate Clauses:
Santa’s elves. – Joseph Leff

For instance, the Nautilus. – Joseph Leff

What some birds do. – Joseph Leff

Successful Travel Agency:
Where money grows on sprees. – Joseph Leff

Sudsless Soap:
Lather not. – Joseph Leff

Suits of Armor:
Togs of war. – Joseph Leff

Italian for “any time.” – Joseph Leff

Take the total. – Joseph Leff

Sumo Wrestling:
Survival of the fattest. – Joseph Leff

A fry in the ointment.

A big smile from your little boy. – Joseph Leff

Getting more than you basked for.

Sunburned Zebra:
What is black and white and red all over? – Joseph Leff

(1) Junior, make that call!
(2) An oldtimer. – Joseph Leff

What is said to get him out of bedin the morning. – Joseph Leff

Male triplets. – Joseph Leff

Interplanetary measles.

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