Exam and test jokes and humor

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What exams does Santa Claus take?
Ho, ho, ho levels.

Why is an optician like an examiner?
They both test pupils.

MUSIC EXAMINER: Is there anything special you’d like to play?
PUPIL: Yes, miss, truant!

The exam question was to write an essay on water.
One child wrote, `Water is a colourless liquid that turns dark when you wash in it.’

FATHER: How are your exam marks, son?
SON: They’re underwater.
FATHER: What do you mean?
SON: Below C level.

EXAMINER: Can you explain to me how you’ve got exactly the same answers as Fred in the maths test?
PUPIL: We used the same pencil, sir.

FATHER: This report is terrible, Fred. It says that in your exams you came bottom in a class of twenty.
FRED: It could be worse Dad; there could be more people in the class.

What’s black and white and extremely difficult?
An exam paper.

EXAM QUESTION: Who were the Peelers?
PUPIL’S ANSWER: The followers of William of Orange.