First days at school jokes and humor

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Mother: How was your first day at school ?
Son: It was all right except for some man called “Teacher” who kept spoiling all our fun !

I’m not going back to school ever again
Why ever not ?
The teacher doesn’t know a thing, all she does is ask questions !

Fred came home from his first day at school. “Nothing exciting happened,” he told his mother, “except the teacher didn’t know how to spell cat, so I told her.”

What are you going to be when you get out of school ?
An old man !

What did you learn in school today ?
Not enough; I have to go back tomorrow !

Mother: What did you learn in school today?
Son: How to write.
Mother: What did you write?
Son: I don’t know. They haven’t taught us how to read yet!

Mother: What was the first thing you learned in class ?
Daughter: How to talk without moving my lips !

Teacher: What’s big and yellow and comes in the morning to brighten a mother’s day ?
Pupil: The school bus !

What’s yellow, has wheels and lies on its back ?
A dead school bus !

How do bees get to school ?
By school buzz !