First days at school jokes and humor

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Moms like to buy “sensible” clothing. That’s the kind that they only sell in the “Junior Nerd” department.

FRED: What room are you in this year?
HARRY: Room 12A.
FRED: Wait a minute, that’s the gymnasium.
HARRY: When I registered for school this year, I told them I was a basketball.

TEACHER: I’m your teacher this year. My name is Mr. Wilson. Can you all remember that?
PUPIL: If we can’t, we’re going to have one hard time with the 9 times tables.

FRED: I have the toughest teacher in the whole school.
HARRY: How do you know that?
FRED: Last year he failed himself.

TEACHER: Everybody hand in your homework, please.
PUPIL: Teacher, it’s the first day of school. We didn’t have any homework.
TEACHER: That’s right, and that’s the last excuse for not doing your homework that I’ll accept for the rest of the year.

HARRY: My teacher this year is Mrs. Wright. They say she rules the first grade with an iron fist.
FRED: I believe it. That’s the way she plays the piano at school assemblies.

TEACHER: I’ll be your teacher this year. Does anybody here know my name?
PUPIL: How do you like that? It’s only the first day of school and already we’re having a quiz.

TEACHER: I’ll be teaching you English this year and there are two words that I will not permit on any of your writing assignments. One is “cool” and the other is “lousy “
PUPIL: Okay, what are the words?

FRED: Our teacher is going to be tough this year. We’ve been instructed to say “Yes, Sir” and “No, Sir.”
HARRY: That’s not unusual.
FRED: It is when your teacher’s a woman.