History class jokes and humor

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Where did knights learn to kill dragons ? At knight school !

How did Vikings communicate ? By Norse code !

What is a forum ?
Two-um plus two-um !

How did Columbus’s men sleep on their ships ?
With their eyes shut !

What did Napoleon become when he was 41 years old ?
A year older on his birthday !

Who gave the Liberty Bell to Philadelphia ?
Must have been a duck family
A duck family ?
Didn’t you say there was a quack in it !

Why aren’t you doing very well in history ?
Because the teacher keeps asking about things that happened before I was born!

Why did the pioneers cross the country in covered wagons ?
Because they didn’t want to wait 40 years for a train !

You’ve failed history again !
Well you always told me to let bygones be bygones !

Why was George Washington buried at Mount Vernon ?
Because he was dead !