School dinners and school cafeteria jokes and humor

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I asked for gravy in the school cafeteria today and they said,
“One lump or two?”

The only good thing about the gravy in our school lunchroom
is that it hides the rest of the food.

The gravy they serve at school is so thick,
when they try to stir it, the cafeteria spins around.

The gravy in our school lunchroom is so thick,
you have to get a friend to help you soak your bread in it.

The roast beef we had in the cafeteria today
was harder than the test we had in history yesterday.

The meat was so tough at lunch today,
half the class was kept after school so we could finish chewing it.

I’ve had tough slices of meat before,
but this one stood up and challenged me to a fight after school.

The roast beef they serve in the school cafeteria is so thin and tough,
none of the kids eat it. We use it for knee patches.

The food in our school lunchroom is so bad
that teachers hand out second helpings as punishment.

I saw the recipe for the stew they serve in our school lunchroom.
It begins: “Take the ingredients from last week . . . “