School dinners and school cafeteria jokes and humor

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FRED: Did you see the stew they served in the cafeteria today?
HARRY: No, but I’ll see it when they serve it again next week.

Let me try to describe what the food tastes like in our school cafeteria.
Have you ever eaten any of your old clothes?

They served chicken noodle soup in the school cafeteria today.
A kid from the third grade got the noodle.

FRED: Do they have good food in your school cafeteria?
HARRY: Yeah, until somebody cooks it.

TEACHER: What was the Tuesday Special in the cafeteria?
PUPIL: Meat loaf.
TEACHER: How did it taste?
PUPIL: Like it should have been the Monday Special.

The food in our school lunchroom is so bad,
most of the kids say grace before, during, and after the meal.

If we ever study ancient history,
the cafeteria will have the rolls to go with it.

Every Friday in our school cafeteria,
they serve leftovers from World War II.

The food is so bad in the school cafeteria
that flies go there to lose weight.

FRED: How do they keep flies out of the kitchen in the school cafeteria?
HARRY: They let them taste the food.