School dinners and school cafeteria jokes and humor

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We had a food fight in the school cafeteria today.
The food won.

Our school cafeteria discourages food fights. The food they serve there is dangerous enough without throwing it.
Someone might accidentally swallow the food.

The food in our school cafeteria is so bad,
last night they caught a mouse trying to phone out for a pizza.

Another cook at our school cafeteria tried to write a cookbook,
but it came out of the typewriter burnt.

Kids in our school love to start food fights.
Anything is better than eating the cafeteria food.

TEACHER: You children should be ashamed of having a food fight in the cafeteria. Do you have any idea what goes into preparing your food?
PUPIL: No, teacher. That’s why we started throwing it instead of eating it.

TEACHER: When I asked who was involved in the food fight, why didn’t you raise your hand?
PUPIL: I couldn’t hear you, teacher. I had mashed potatoes in my ear.

TEACHER: What started that food fight in the cafeteria?
PUPIL: It started with the salad, then the meat loaf, and it ended with the dessert.

TEACHER: I can’t understand why anyone would want to throw their food around the cafeteria.
PUPIL: Have you tasted the food?