School holidays and trips jokes and humor

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During the summer I just played and had fun all day long the same as I do during school.

This summer, I did absolutely nothing all day. Now I know what it’s like to be a teacher.

During the summer, my Dad took me to the zoo. They wouldn’t accept me, so he had to take me home again.

This past summer I learned how to ride a horse and how to eat standing up.

TEACHER: And what did you learn during the summer?
PUPIL: I learned that three months is not enough time to straighten up my room.

During the summer my big brother learned how to tie several different things into knots.
I was one of the things.

Summer camp is a fun place to be if you’re a mosquito.

We had big mosquitoes on our vacation.
If you swatted them, they swatted you back.

I never saw such big mosquitoes. I had one mosquito in my room and he kept me awake all night.
He kept pushing me out of bed.

This summer I saw the biggest mosquitoes I ever saw in my life.
They were so big they came equipped with landing gear.