School holidays and trips jokes and humor

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We had huge mosquitoes on our summer vacation.
I’ve seen big mosquitoes before, but these had their own landing strip.

I got bitten by so many mosquitoes during my vacation,
when I finally got home I had to have a friend come over to help me scratch.

The mosquitoes on our vacation were so big that insect repellent didn’t bother them.
They’d just carry you down to the stream and wash it off.

The mosquitoes on our summer vacation were so big they not only bit you,
they also knocked you down and stole your wallet.

I wonder when mosquitoes go on vacation,
do they complain about all the people?

On our vacation this summer, I saw fireflies for the first time.
I didn’t know what they were. I thought the mosquitoes were coming after us with flashlights.

Summer camp is a fun place to be if you’re a mosquito.

Parents are funny They want me to learn how to survive in the wilderness,
but they won’t let me go to the mall on my own.

I slept under the stars for the first time this summer.
We didn’t go camping; we had our roof repaired.

I went to camp this summer and saw a lot of wild animals.
In fact, several of them were my cabin mates.