School holidays and trips jokes and humor

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The food was bad at summer camp.
I threw my dinner in the river one night and the fish threw it back.

Our counselors told my parents that nothing at this camp was poisonous.
That was before they tasted the food.

The food was so bad at summer camp we used to rub it on our bodies to keep insects away.

Some of the kids got sick from the food at camp, but it was their own fault.
They ate it.

Food fights were encouraged at our summer camp.
They were not only fun, but it was safer than eating the food.

The chef at our summer camp was dangerous.
He had a black belt in cooking.

I was sent home from summer camp because of poor eyesight.
I was the only camper who didn’t see the skunk.

During the summer I had a few unpleasant experiences with skunks.
They smell a lot like gym class.

COUNSELOR: Does anybody here know the difference between a biscuit and a rock?
COUNSELOR: Good you’re cooking breakfast.

FRED: I know how to tell directions by using the stars.
HARRY: So do I. If you’re getting closer to them you’re going up.