School holidays and trips jokes and humor

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During summer camp I never changed my clothes once.
Towards the end, the skunks ran away from me.

I came home from summer camp with twelve pets that I found in the woods.
So far my mother has only found three of them.

COUNSELOR: What’s the best thing to do to keep from getting lost in the woods?
CAMPER: Stay in your room.

COUNSELOR: What side of a tree does moss grow on?
CAMPER: The outside.

During the summer I went to a dude ranch. One cowboy there asked me if I ever rode a jackass.
I said, “No.”
He said, “Well, you’d better get on to yourself. “

PUPIL: I plan to do absolutely nothing for the next three months.
TEACHER: That should be easy You’ve had nine months of practice doing that in school.

Summer vacation is tough.
We only have three months to forget what it took us nine months of school to learn.

PUPIL: Teacher, it’s the last day of school. This is the day I’ve been dreaming about for a long time.
TEACHER: I know You did a lot of that dreaming in class.

I’m going to spend my vacation reviewing everything I learned at school.
Really? What are you going to do the second day?

My teacher says that summer vacation is not the time to stop learning.
I agree. I stopped learning way before the Christmas break.