Anne Boleyn – School Report

Anne Boleyn

King Henry’s School for Potential Wives

Name of Pupil: BOLEYN, Anne

Age: 8

Subject: History

Anne is very keen on this subject. She’s not as confident on her dates as she might be, but she certainly knows her Kings.

She enjoyed our outing to the Royal Palace. I had a lot of trouble dragging her away when the time came to go home. In the end I had to take her by the ear and say ‘chop chop’ with some force. If the headmaster had been there, she’d have really got it in the neck.

We are hoping for great things for Anne in the forthcoming examinations. Her mother was also very good at history, and in this respect Anne is clearly a chip off the old block. Just so long as she doesn’t lose her head and get carried away, she should obtain a good grade.

Mr A.X.E. Mann
Deputy Head