Clark Kent – School Report

Clark Kent


Name of Pupil: KENT, Clark Age: 12

Clark is a mild mannered boy. Nothing seems to make him angry, not even sitting next to Lois Lane all day. I certainly couldn’t stand it, I know that. The girl never stops talking.

But is he accident prone, by any chance?

I don’t know what it is, but things just seem to collapse when Clark is around. He’s crushed eleven chairs and four desks since he’s been in my class.

Add to that six pieces of gymnasium equipment including a set of wall bars which became floor bars when Clark swung on them, and a springboard which ended up in the basement when he jumped on it and I am beginning to suspect that there’s more to Clark Rent than meets the eye. Heavy bones, perhaps.

However, I have to say that his punctuality is excellent. He always arrives at school on time. How he does it, even when he misses the school bus, I’m sure I don’t know. Whatever he does, he must really fly.

Marsha Mallow

Form Mistress