Indiana Jones – School Report

Indiana Jones

St. Peaceful’s School for the Sons of Gentlefolk

Name of Pupil: JONES, Indiana

Age: 8

Dear Mr and Mrs Jones,

I understand that in order to get to school this morning Indiana leapt from the branches of a tree on to the roof of a passing vehicle, crawled the length of this vehicle (nearly falling off at least four times as he avoided having his head knocked off by low bridges), dangled precariously over the side hanging on by the fingertips of one hand while he scratched his knee with the other and then leapt fearlessly through a small side window, receiving not a single scratch in spite of the thousands of razor sharp pieces into which the glass shattered.

Would you please instruct your son that he must be like all the other children, and use the school bus stop.

Mrs Ida Rather Knot
Form Mistress