School Reports Jokes and Humor

Page 123

In school, grades are necessary.
In my case, they’re a necessary evil.

The teacher gave me an F minus. She says I not only didn’t learn anything this year,
but I proba bly forgot most of the stuff I learned last year.

In a class of 21 students, I finished 24th.
Two of the desks got better grades than I got.

The lowest point in the United States used to be Death Valley
until my grades came out.

My grades are so low
I have to get down on my knees to read my report card.

I’m doing so badly in school,
I have to do extra credit work just to flunk.

I’ll give you an idea how badly I’m doing in class.
If I drop out of school, my grades go up.

My grades are so low,
the only way I can graduate is to buy the school.

The only thing I’ve passed so far in the fifth grade is my tenth birthday.

My teacher gave me an “f’. She said I didn’t deserve a capital letter.