Mona Lisa – School Report

Mona Lisa


Name of Pupil: LISA, Mona

Age: 15

Mona is as pretty as a picture.

However, she is altogether too quiet. In fact, she seems to have very little life in her at all. Whereas the other girls can’t wait to get out into the playground, Mona is perfectly content to stay sitting in class.

She hardly contributes to class discussions. Mona rarely offers an answer to a question and, if asked if she understands, will often just smile.

Quite frankly, this is beginning to irritate me. Mona will soon be leaving school and, if she wants to make her way in the world, she really must become more outward going.

Sitting for hours with a stupid grin on your face is not the way to become famous.

Senorita Iva Frame
Form Mistress