Quasimodo – School Report




Name of Pupil: QUASIMODO

Age: 11

Subject: Physical Education

Quasimodo is a talented gymnast. A genuinely bouncy character, he seems equally at home on all items of apparatus.

His speciality, however, has to be the ropes. Never, in all my years as a Games Master, have I seen a boy who could climb as quickly as Quasimodo: nor, for that matter, be capable of swinging from one side of the gymnasium to the other without touching the ground in between. Needless to say, he has been unbeatable at ‘Pirates’ this term.

All in all an excellent term’s work, with only one small quibble. On occasion, probably because Quasimodo is such an enthusiast, he has stayed on the ropes long after the other boys have gone off for their next lesson. Being ordered to come down has clearly left him in a bad mood for the rest of the day.

It is important for Quasimodo to learn that, much as he would like to, he cannot just swing around all day ignoring the bells; he must come down when he’s tolled, and not get the hump about it.


Jim Nasium
Games Master