School uniforms and school dress code jokes and humour

Page 123

One kid wears clothes that are so wrecked, the tailor won’t even repair them.
He has to take them to a body and fender shop.

It’s hard to describe the clothing this one classmate of mine wears,
but if you saw it growing in your garden, you’d spray it with weed killer .

One classmate is a real sloppy dresser. You’ve heard the expression,
“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”? Well, with this kid it’s next to impossible.

One guy is such a sloppy dresser
if you ever see him when his shirttail is not hanging out, it means he’s not wearing a shirt.

We have a kid in class who dresses like a million bucks.
Everything he wears is all wrinkled and green.

One guy wears a tie to school every day.
Now if they could only get him to wear a shirt.

One classmate dresses so sloppily, when he was in a minor accident,
they sent him home and took his clothes to the emergency ward.

One kid in our class dresses terribly.
The only things that match on him are his belt size and his I. Q.

Another kid I know just wears clothes badly
He could go to a nudist camp and be dressed wrong.

One girl in our class is a very neat dresser.
She stayed home sick one day because her skirt was mussed.