Sports and PE jokes and humor

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TEACHER: How can I get you to devote as much energy to your class work as you devote to recess?
PUPIL: Start playing football in class.

MOTHER: You can’t play those rough games in the 5th grade. You’ll get yourself killed.
SON: Oh no, Mom. That’s the game they play in the 6th grade.

We play games at recess in our school.
One class mate suggested a game of “Hide and Seek.” We didn’t find him for four months.

SON: You have a bloody nose. Were you fight ing in school again today?
BRUCE: No, I wasn’t fighting, but the kid who hit me in the nose sure was.

TEACHER: Who started the fight?
PUPIL: He did, Teacher. He purposely hit me back.

What’s the highest you ever did at jumping rope?
Oh, about two inches off the ground.

Do you jump rope much?
No, just once each time the rope comes around.

I’m very good at jumping rope. Oh, I miss a lot,
but it’s generally the rope’s fault.

I hold the school record for jumping rope – One.
No one’s ever done lower than that.

Nobody likes to have me on their team.
We chose up sides yesterday and Joey Masters was chosen before me and he moved to Omaha three years ago.