Teacher jokes and humor

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It’s not going to school that bothers me so much;
it’s the principal of the thing.

Teachers act like they know all the answers.
Why shouldn’t they? They’re the ones that make up all the questions.

TEACHER: I’m surprised. You should know the answer to that question.
PUPIL: Well, maybe I will when I get to be your age.

If teachers are so smart,
how come their book is the only one with the answers in it?

I have one teacher who is so forgetful he gave the same test three weeks in a row If he does that two more times, I may pass it.

One of our teachers is a real grouch.
He seems to hate school more than we do.

One of our teachers used to be a Drill Instructor in the Marines,
but they had to let him go. He was too tough on the guys.

We have one teacher who is so tough,
when he calls the roll even kids who are present pretend they’re absent.

None of the students likes this one teacher.
Last year the kids brought him 37 apples. Only two of them weren’t ticking.

I had one teacher who was so absent minded, once she even forgot to give us grades.
It was the highest mark I ever got in that class.