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Weird, bizarre, strange and disgusting facts, information and stuff all about things you maybe wish you didn’t know!
Hundreds of anagrams in eleven themed categories, with many interesting, funny and surprising results!
Every kind of animal jokes, cat jokes, dog jokes, elephant jokes, you name the animal, and there are jokes here about them!
Definitive baseball entertainment site. Jokes, quotes, stories and one liners about baseball, it’s players and teams.
We’re just here to help waste a few minutes of your working day, with a smile, a joke, a pointless list, cunning ways to get back at your boss, ideas to waste even more time, something daft to stick on the noticeboard.
We offer independent airport parking information, both long stay and short stay. At almost every airport there are plenty of parking options, the range of services and most importantly costs vary greatly. We’re here to help explain all the airport parking options available.
Hundred of funny photos, images and cartoons in 19 categories including animals, kids, computers and sport.
Themed jokes site all about christmas with one line jokes, longer stories and humorous versions of christmas carols.
A site dedicated to the England football captain – David Beckham.
We’ve a large collection of dog jokes and dog humour, short jokes, longer shaggy dog tales and stories, long jokes, humorous dog quotes, definitions, rules and all things funny and canine!
A jumbo sized collection of elephant jokes, humour and poems!
Excuses for every occasion, hundreds of lines for use in school, work, relationships or around the home.
A collection of funny fiction, humorous stories, politically correct tales, modern updates of classics and witty yarns.
A dedicated site to the funny side of golf including a humorous dictionary, excuses, quotes and hundreds of jokes.
A network of over 30 humorous sites working to bring the best of humour to the internet.
Dedicated to the art of the insult, including quotes, a random insult generator and how to swear in over 30 languages.
A definitive source of Irish jokes, stories, one liners, humour and general all around Irish entertainment
Over 12,000 jokes especially for kids of all ages including animal jokes, knock knock jokes and riddles.
An archive of these classic jokes, including an a-z directory and eight other themed categories
In depth independant advice for people visiting the National Parks of the USA.
People living outside Darwin’s system. Reporting on weird, odd, strange and offbeat news from around the world. Daily news reports and a searchable archive.
Need to know an exchange rate, savings, loan or tax rates ?, its all here
In depth facts, biography and information about the Royalty of the United Kingdom, today and throughout history.
You want rugby jokes, we’ve got them! A site perfect for rugby fans and players alike to celebrate the humour of the sport and the people who enjoy it, on and off the field!
The web’s most comprehensive collection of Russian Jokes, jokes about Russians and by and about the people and way of life of Russia.
Over 12,000 jokes especially for kids of all ages including animal jokes, knock knock jokes and riddles.
Over 250 pages of jokes and humor about schools, teachers, pupils, lessons and school life.
What the web has been holding it’s breath for! The foulest, smelliest, stinkiest most revolting web site on the Internet! Here you’ll find pungent puns, reeking riddles, big bogeys, farty funnies, gross gags and lots more too!
We’re a cynical lot here, we like the truth, the facts, the unvarnished reality of the world. You’ll find nothing here of the rose tinted, politically correct or “the glass is half full” optimistic view of life, the universe and everything.
Large archive of soccer jokes, soccer songs and chants, soccer humor, soccer quotations, short jokes, long jokes and more funny soccer things too!
Over 20 sports and sporting categories are presented containing hundreds of sports jokes, sporting humour and comedy. From Baseball to Football, Cricket to Tennis, no sport or it’s players escapes!
All of the best, funniest, weirdest, most inspirational and silly quotes about sport are here! Pages of the funniest bloopers, motivational speeches and lots more under no less that 18 categories and sports!
Interested on making music on your computer – you’ll find reviews of sounds and programs here plus news and software to download
This web site contains lots and lots of ideas for passing time during the boring bits of travel, travel games, guessing games, action games, word games and other things too to have some fun when travelling.
You will be amazed how many lies, half truths, untruths and little white lies permerate all of our lives.
Hundreds and hundreds of urban myths, urban legends, modern day stories and folklore, orgainised into lots of categories for a fascinating read… Are they true?!
A definitive source of Welsh jokes, stories, one liners, humour and general all around Welsh entertainment
The worst jokes about the worst things and the worst people.

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