Classmates jokes and humor

Page 123

One of our classmates is so stupid
he always carries a spare tire just in case he ever buys a car without one.

One kid in our class is so dense
he can’t fill in his name on an application form unless it’s a multiple choice question.

One of my classmates is dangerously stupid.
He wanted to have his address tattooed on the inside of his eyelids so he could find his way home with his eyes closed.

We have one classmate who is really a dimwit.
His mother once bought him some Silly Putty to play with and it outsmarted him.

One guy in our class is smarter than Einstein.
Of course, so am I, but he’s smarter than Einstein when he was alive.

I’m very smart in school. I have a photographic memory.
That means any time I want to know anything, I drop my brain off at Fotomat and it takes a week to ten days to get it back .. . . It usually comes back blurry.

A classmate of mine is so smart, he knows the answer to every question the teacher asks.
He raises his hand so often in class that his underarms are sunburned.

We have a kid in our class who’s so smart,
he’s got more brains in his little finger than I have in my entire family.

One kid in our class gets in a fight every day after school.
He says it helps keep him out of trouble.

We have a really mean kid in our school.
He goes to “Rambo” movies and roots for the ammunition.