Classmates jokes and humor

Page 123

One classmate is so stupid he can’t even dress himself yet.
He can only dress other people.

We have one really stupid classmate.
The football coach told him to jog three miles every day. The last time we heard from him he was somewhere around Wichita, Kansas.

One classmate doesn’t carry a pocket comb.
He says none of his pockets need combing.

One kid in our class is so dense, he took his dog to obedience school.
The dog passed; he flunked.

One kid in our class was so stupid he had his address tattooed on his forehead.
That way, when he got lost he could mail himself home.

Another kid was so stupid he had “left” and “right” tattooed on his toes so he would know which feet his shoes should go on.
Now all he has to do is learn how to read.

I knew a person who was so stupid,
the only way he got out of the third grade was to marry the teacher.

One kid in our class was really stupid.
He was late for school every day because he kept trying to put his pants on over his head.

I had one friend who was a real dummy
He lost his shoes one time because he put them on the wrong feet. Then he couldn’t remember whose feet he put them on.

One classmate of mine is so stupid he puts his eyeglasses on backwards.
He wants to see where he’s been, not where he’s going.