School dinners and school cafeteria jokes and humor

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Mum: From now on your going to have free school dinners.
Son:But, Mum, I don’t want three school dinners, one is more than enough !

Pupil: There is a dead fly in my dinner
Cook: Oh dear, I wonder if it died after tasting it !

How did the dinner lady get an electric shock ?
She stepped on a bun and a current went up her leg !

Teacher: Why are you the only one in class today ?
Pupil: Because I missed school dinner yesterday !

What’s worse than finding a caterpillar in your salad ?
Finding half a caterpillar !

Pupil: This egg is bad
Cook: Don’t blame me I only laid the table !

Dinner Lady: Eat up your greens, they are good for your skin.
Pupil: But I don’t want green skin !

Pupil: I thought we got a choice for dinner but there is only sausages and fries.
Dinner Lady: That’s the choice, take it or leave it !

Dinner Lady: It’s very rude to reach over the table for cakes, haven’t you got a tongue in your head ?
Pupil: Yes, but my arms are longer !

Pupil: I don’t like cheese with holes
Dinner Lady: Well just eat the cheese and leave the holes on the side of your plate !