School dinners and school cafeteria jokes and humor

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We had cottage pie yesterday.
The council came round and condemned it.

The dinners at our school are so cold that even the potatoes wear their jackets.

Can school peas get married?
Not if they’re Bachelor’s.

I think my mum wants me to leave home.
She always wraps my lunch in a road map.

Our school dinners are so bad,
pygmies come from Africa to dip their arrows in them.

PUPIL: I thought you said there was a choice for dinner, but there’s only sausage and mash.
DINNER LADY: That’s the choice, take it or leave it.

School dinners are very tasty
I had one last week and I can still taste it.

TEACHER: This coffee tastes like mud.
DINNER LADY: It was only ground this morning.

What’s the best day to fry eggs?
Fry day.

What cake wanted to rule the world.
Attila the Bun.