Homework jokes and humor

Page 123

PUPIL: Teacher, is there life after death?
TEACHER: Why do you ask?
PUPIL: I may need the extra time to finish all this homework you gave us.

FRED: I have so much homework to finish the teacher said she may send someone to my home.
HARRY: To talk to your parents?
FRED: No, to help me carry it to school.

I’m so far behind in my homework I may have to drop out of school to finish it.

TEACHER: Johnny, what is the definition of “infinity?”
PUPIL: Tonight’s homework assignment.

TEACHER: Young man, did you do all your home work last night?
FRED: No, teacher. I did some of it last night, some of it in the middle of the night,
and the rest of it early this morning.

FRED: Teacher, this is an awful lot of math homework.
TEACHER: You should be able to complete it if you work hard.
FRED: Could you throw in one more really hard problem?
FRED: It will give my Dad something to do so I can get this done faster.

TEACHER: Your homework assignment last night was to draw a map of Texas including all the rivers in that state. Why didn’t you finish it?
FRED: I ran out of paper. I thought you wanted it actual size.

TEACHER: Young man, this is the first homework assignment you’ve handed in all week. Why is that?
RICHARD: I was in a hurry last night and didn’t have time to think up a good excuse.

One kid in our class always said his dog ate his homework and none of us believed him until last week.
His dog graduated from Harvard.

TEACHER: So your dog ate your homework?
FRED: Yes, teacher.
TEACHER: And where is your dog right now?
FRED: He’s at the vet. He doesn’t like math any more than I do.