Tutankumun – School Report



Name of Pupil: Tutankhamun

Age: 5

Subject: Kingship

Dear Pharoah,

I am sorry to report that Tutankhamun is a bit of a mummy’s boy.

He bawls for her whenever he falls over, which seems to be quite often. And does he make a fuss: Trying to soothe him by saying something like, ‘Tut Tut, Tut’ does no good at all. The only thing that will ever calm him down is putting a bandage on whatever part of his body he’s complaining about. The slightest cut or bruise, and on goes another layer.

I’ve had to warn him, ‘If you’re not careful, Tut, one day you’ll have so much bandage wrapped round you that you won’t be able to move. Then you’ll have to stay here forever!’

Unfortunately that only makes him worse. Then he runs off and locks himself in the Wendy Sarcophagus with his toys.

I tell you, Pharoah, he’ll do that once too often. One day I’ll leave him there. That’ll give him something to sphinx about.

Yours sincerely,

Sandie Toes, Playschool Leader