Geography class jokes and humor

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What school do door to door salesmen go to?
The school of hard knocks.

What school do comedians go to?
The school of hard knock knock jokes.

What school do peeping toms go to? Peking U.

What school do sleepyheads go to?
A NAP pollis.

What school is especially for soldiers with a bad sense of direction?
East Point.

What school is named after a cattle car? Ox Ford.

What school do bunny rabbits go to? Johns HOP kips.

What do they do there?

TEACHER: On the test you said there were 51 states in the United States of America.
PUPIL: That’s because when I was taking the test, I was in the state of confusion.

TEACHER: Go to the world globe and show me where you live.
PUPIL: I can’t, Teacher. This globe doesn’t have a basement.