Geography class jokes and humor

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TEACHER: Where do we find elephants?
PUPIL: You can find them anywhere. They’re very hard to hide.

TEACHER: What’s the difference between an Indian elephant and an African elephant?
PUPIL: Their zip codes.

TEACHER: Name three animals that give milk.
PUPIL: The goat, the cow, and Mr. Miller who runs the dairy counter at the super market.

TEACHER: On which side of the globe is Central America?
PUPIL: On the outside.

TEACHER: Can you tell me where the North and South Poles are?
PUPIL: Teacher, I’d have to go to the ends of the world to give you that answer.

TEACHER: Did you know that water covers two thirds of our planet?
PUPIL: Certainly that’s why the ocean is always less crowded than the beach.

My father grounded me for flunking Geography.
How am I supposed to learn more about the world if I’m not allowed to leave my room?

What do Eskimos put their houses together with?

Who is the coldest relative on earth?
Aunt Arctica.

What’s the coldest city in Germany?
Brrr lin (Berlin).