Exam and test jokes and humor

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Our teacher says that he gives us tests to find out how much we know.
Then all the questions are about things we don’t know

Our teacher gives us a test every Friday.
The only good thing about it is that it’s followed by Saturday and Sunday.

I didn’t know anything before I started going to school.
I still don’t know anything, but now they test me on it.

Our teacher said, Write your name and today’s date on the top of your exam paper. Do it carefully. For many of you it will be the only thing you get right on the entire page.

TEACHER: I’ve given you a multiple choice exam. What more do you want?
FRED: More choices.

FRED: I bite my fingernails before easy exams.
HARRY: What do you do when you’re taking a hard exam?
FRED: Then I bite other people’s fingernails.

FRED: Teacher, I get so nervous before an exam that I even forget my own name.
TEACHER: Well, whoever’s name you put on this test is flunking the course.

Our teacher told us we should do something to help us relax right before taking an exam so I took a two week vacation.

FRED: We had a test on the Revolutionary War that was so hard that George Washington would have flunked it.
HARRY: We had a test last week that was so hard even the teacher flunked it.

To me, taking a test is just like going to the dentist,
except after the test you don’t get a chance to rinse.