Sports and PE jokes and humor

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What do you call the man who teaches you PE?
Jim Nash.

What did the games teacher say to the girl who lost a hockey ball?
Find it quickly or I’ll give you some stick,

What game goes round and round?

GYM TEACHER: You never come first in anything.
PUPIL: I’m always first in the dinner queue.

GYM TEACHER: Why didn’t you attempt the high jump?
PUPIL: I’m scared of heights, sir.

What do you get when you cross a dive with a handstand?
A broken back.

What is the quietest game?
Tenpin bowling, because you can hear a pin drop.

What has eleven heads and runs around screaming?
A school hockey team.

What does the winner lose in a race?
His breath.

Why is it funny to see aboy run a mile?
Because he really moves two feet.