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J – Pages 12

A boxer who throws a lot of short punches. Joseph Leff

Jack the Ripper
A belle-wringer. Joseph Leff

Introducing Alan to John. Joseph Leff

Lift a car up by the door handle

Jam Ingedient:
A car. Joseph Leff

Jam Packed
A car full of strawberry jam

Jam Session:
A shift in a jelly factory. Joseph Leff

James Joyce:
Introducing Joyce to James. Joseph Leff

Jan, you’re dress ripped. Joseph Leff

A missing jar of strawberry jam

Jayne Wyman
Hey, Tarzan, who’s your girlfriend? Joseph Leff

(1) A hobby that gives you that run-down feeling
(2) A dumb bird with a short life.

Southern American speak for “Did you hear?” Joseph Leff

Jelly Beans
What jelly babies have on toast

A good American. (A jerk is a pull, a pull is a yank, and a Yank is a
good American.) Joseph Leff

A fast-flying dog.

Tense insect

Joan of Arc
Noah’s mum

The noise made by two happy cats

John Bull
A discussion with someone in the next stall. Joseph Leff

John Donne
The lavatory is completed. Joseph Leff

John Wayne
Deterioration of the men’s bathroom. Joseph Leff

Joint Account
The bank where Frankenstein keeps all his spare parts

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J – Pages 12