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Leaves for Canada:
Maple. – Joseph Leff

Leaves in a Bag:
Tea. – Joseph Leff

Leaves in the Cold:
Early autumn. – Joseph Leff

Left Bank:
What the robber did when his bag was full of money. – Joseph Leff

Left on a Liner:
Port. – Joseph Leff

Legal Bond:
007 with a passport and visa. – Joseph Leff

Certain that’s a genuine Hawaiian garland. – Joseph Leff

Lemon Squash
When an elephant sits down in a greengrocers

To help out a lemon in trouble.

Lent to Marc Antony:
Ears. – Joseph Leff

(1) A dotted lion, as in ‘to open this packet tear along the dotted lion’
(2) An animal easy to spot.

He’s really exhausted, y’all. – Joseph Leff

An ancient Roman military unit. – Joseph Leff

Let Go of the Harness:
Rein drop. – Joseph Leff

Let Slip Through the Fingers:
Drop lingerie. – Joseph Leff

Let’s See What Develops:
A negative attitude in a photographer. – Joseph Leff

Letter Opener:
Dear. – Joseph Leff

What you should do when your daughter wants to study an extra hour tonight. – Joseph Leff

Lettuce Salad
Correspondence you can ear

People with meaning. – Joseph Leff

Liberty Bell
A perfect name for someone who is half-cracked.

The tallest building in the world because it has the most stories.

The ability to detect untruths. – Joseph Leff

(1) Telling Kenneth to be untruthful.  
(2) Similar to the 14th letter. – Joseph Leff

Lie Detector
(1) Head Teacher
(2) Someone who is able to locate a golf ball.  
(3) A device that recognises leached wood ashes. – Joseph Leff

Lie in State:
An ambassador’s job. – Joseph Leff

Lie in Wait:
To deliberately misstate your heaviness. – Joseph Leff

Life Cycle
A bicycle you never outgrow.

Life Sentence:
“I do.” – Joseph Leff

Life is like a shower: one wrong turn and you are in hot water.

Lifeguard Station:
A shore thing. – Joseph Leff

Lifelong Optimist:
A hope addict. – Joseph Leff

Two famous magazines. – Joseph Leff

The elevator is shut down. – Joseph Leff

Light Heavyweight
A boxer on a starvation diet.

Light Stuff:
Neon. – Joseph Leff

Telling Theodore to fib. – Joseph Leff

Lightweight Boxer:
A puppy. – Joseph Leff

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L – Pages 123456