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Inexpensive. – Joseph Leff

Wooden dance tunes

Reasoning, Allen. – Joseph Leff

What an apprentice fabric buyer must do. – Joseph Leff

Lone Star State
A country with only one actor in it.

The amount borrowed. – Joseph Leff

Long playing record
The most time anyone has ever lasted in a single game.

Long puss
What a cat looks like after it has been run over by a steam roller.

Long speech
A talk that can make you feel dumb on one end, numb on the other.

Erroneous in Japan. – Joseph Leff

Look at a Narrow Passage of Water:
Strait-face. – Joseph Leff

A British bathroom reserved fro Chinese emperors. – Joseph Leff

A swimming area that was constructed backwards. – Joseph Leff

Vocalise in a London lavatory. – Joseph Leff

Los Angeles Dodgers
Pedestrians in a large California city.

Lose Ground:
(1) Forget the coffee.  
(2) Location fo British restrooms. – Joseph Leff

Lost Chord
Something you look for when playing Haydn seek (after you’ve been to the shops with your Chopin Liszt)

Lot to be Desired:
Five acres near Picadilly Circus. – Joseph Leff

What a real estate salesman has to know.

Love Letter:
A noose paper. – Joseph Leff

Love Matches:
Signifies pyromania. – Joseph Leff

It means nothing…in tennis. – Joseph Leff

Tweethearts. – Joseph Leff

Lovely Swimmer:
A diving belle. – Joseph Leff

Taught in a basement. – Joseph Leff

Low-down chiseler
A short sculptor.

When a man picks up a horse-shoe on the road, and is knocked by a car into a field o four-leafed clovers as a black cat walks by

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L – Pages 123456