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An assistant vicar.- Joseph Leff

A resident of Belgrade.- Joseph Leff

Achilles’ Heel:
What the doctor helped him do.- Joseph Leff

Aching Void:
Look of a sovereign.- Joseph Leff

Acid Test:
An exam for Sidney.- Joseph Leff

(1) An oak in a nutshell
(2) Something caused by a tight shoe.

A person you know well enough to borrow from, but not well enough to lend money to.

A church singing group.- Joseph Leff

A person in pain.- Joseph Leff

How old the person in pain is.- Joseph Leff

(1) Another name for marriage
(2) Follows a divorce…and rhymes with alimony.- Joseph Leff

A vampire that stays high atop a mountain.- Joseph Leff

Act a Part:
Pretend to be separated.- Joseph Leff

Act For:
(1) Make believe you’re teeing off.
(2) The last part of a long
play.- Joseph Leff

Act Up:
Pretend to be awake.- Joseph Leff

(1) A man who tries to be everything but himself
(2) Someone who would rather have a small role than a long loaf.

(1) A jab well done.
(2) Keeps you on pins and needles.- Joseph Leff

Adam’s Apple:
A biblical computer. – Joseph Leff

A good arithmetic student – Joseph Leff

Add Insult to Injury:
An Emergency Room nurse says you’re ugly. – Joseph Leff

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A – Pages 12345678910111213141516